HOODZ Resale Opportunties | National Accounts | Nation’s Largest Hood Cleaning Franchise

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Start the new year ahead! HOODZ has several great Resale Territory Opportunities available:

As the emerging leader in hood maintenance and cleaning, HOODZ offers an unparalleled opportunity to own a business in an industry on the rise.

Parent Company

HOODZ is owned by BELFOR, the worldwide leader in property restoration services with over $1 billion in sales, offices in 27 countries and the ability to provide assistance to 90% of the global insurance market.

Brand Strength

HOODZ is also a sister company to DUCTZ, America’s largest air duct-cleaning franchise.

Business Models

Full time best efforts commitment required form the owner.  Owner responsibilities include sales and management - not cleaning.  Owner will hire technicians who will perform the hood cleaning.

Franchisee Characteristics

Successful owners tend to be friendly, coachable, conscientious, and comfortable around business owners.  .

Territory Description

Owners operate their franchise within a protected service area (PSA), giving them freedom and assurance, as well as a tremendous opportunity for success. Territories are available in most major metropolitan markets and mid-sized cities.  Each territory encompasses 1,600, or a maximum of 2,000 retail food service businesses.

Competitive Advantage

A reputation for trustworthiness, thoroughness, reliability and compliance, as well as the benefit of National Accounts give HOODZ a competitive advantage.  Nation’s Largest Hood Cleaning Franchise.

Boulder, Colorado – $160,000 (Includes the Vehicle/Equipment)

Hartford, Connecticut (Double Territory) – $195,000 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Wilmington, Delaware – $134,000 (Assume the Vehicle/Equipment?)

Gainesville, Florida- $180,000 (Includes the Vehicle/Equipment)

Space Coast, Florida- $75,000 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Ft. Wayne/South Bend, Indiana- $120,000 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Northeast New Jersey- $62,000 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Southern New Jersey – $63,900 (Must purchase the Vehicle/Equipment)

Wichita, Kansas – $325,000 (Includes the Vehicle/Equipment)

Reno, Nevada -$60,000 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Charlotte, North Carolina- $165,000 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – $94,900 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – $88,900 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

 Reading, Pennsylvania – $83,900 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

State College, Pennsylvania – $53,900 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Bellevue, Washington – Seattle Area- $138,900 (Assume the Vehicle/Equipment)

Everett, Washington – Seattle Area – $88,900 (Assume Loan on Vehicle/Equipment)

Seattle, Washington – Downtown – $158,900 (Assume the Vehicle/Equipment)

Huntington Learning Centers Franchise

Huntington Learning Center

At Huntington Learning Center our success is achieved through reaching our solitary goal: the success of the student. Our franchisees are dedicated to helping students of all levels reach their highest potential, and our corporate team is dedicated to helping franchisees achieve theirs. As we continue to expand and add centers across the country, we are actively seeking highly motivated, success-oriented individuals who share our high standards and commitment to excellence.
With Huntington Learning Center you can fulfill your dreams by helping a young person achieve his. As you explore the opportunities and support we provide, you will discover we offer one of the most rewarding franchise business available today.

Company Overview

Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center is a pioneer and leader in the franchise tutoring industry. For over 35 years, we have taken great pride in our reputation for quality tutoring, and in the trust and respect we have gained from parents and educators alike. As a Huntington franchisee, you will inherit our reputation for excellence, and be recognized in your community as an industry pioneer and a premier brand of tutoring services.

Industry Overview

There are more students today than ever before and more parents who want to have them tutored.
• In 2010, U.S. had a total of 55.9 million students in public and private elementary and secondary schools, and the total number of elementary and secondary students is projected to set new records every year through 2018.
• In 2012, a record 21.6 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of 6.2 million since fall 2000.
• Exam Preparation and Tutoring ranks #7 on the list of “fastest growing industries that are hospitable to small businesses“
• Test Prep/Tutoring industry is projected to grow from $11B in 2012 to $14.7B by 2017

Why Choose Huntington

The Huntington system is designed to support you as a franchisee, and help you achieve your goals by offering:
• Significant income potential
• Multiple revenue streams
• Low franchise fee
• A proven business model
• An established and trusted brand
• Unparalleled 35 years of experience with proven results
• Team of seasoned corporate support personnel with significant number of years of tutoring industry experience

What You Can Expect From Huntington

Pre-Opening Support. Our in-house operations coordinators will work closely with you on all details to set up your Huntington Center.
Training Support. Huntington Initial Training Program includes three weeks held at our corporate headquarters, and one week of hands-on training in a Corporate Center.
Ongoing training. Online training modules provide assistance when you need it, where you need it. Training comes to you with local and regional training sessions held across the country throughout the year.
Marketing Support. A full-time Marketing team provides you with proven marketing strategies and guidance. Our advanced tools and systems help you easily manage your local marketing efforts.
Field and Operational Support. Our National Call Center provides a frontline of professionals well-trained to take the initial inquiries for your center, and drive clients into your center. The Coaching Services team prepares you to close sales and get students to enroll. Franchise Business Consultants are dedicated to providing you with ongoing operational guidance and support for your center.
Technology Support. Our proprietary software assists you in operating your center by tracking inquiries, students, payment, schedules, test results and prescriptions, billing, teacher scheduling, and more. IRIS (Isolating Relevant Information for Success) is a simple, user-friendly dashboard of marketing, operations, training and administration initiatives that keeps you up-to-date, and helps you focus your efforts. Our consumer website has extensive content and e-commerce and e-registration capabilities.

Franchise Sales

Single Unit: Yes
Multiple Units: Yes
Area/Master Developer: No

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $50000
Minimum Investment: $121350
Minimum Net Worth: $150000
Franchise Fee: $14500
Average # of Employees: 2 Fulltime with part time teachers to start
Passive Ownership Allowed: No
Earnings Claims: Yes

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes

Initial Training -4 weeks at corporate office in Oradell, NJ; 3 weeks of classroom-style training and 1 week shadowing our staff at one of our corporate centers.  Ongoing training is done regionally and online.




What is a Fun Bus?

The Fun Bus is a full-size school bus that is completely refurbished to become a colorful children’s “gym on wheels”

The exterior is painted Fun Bus green and covered with festive and fun artwork and logos, with phone # and website adhered all over

The seats are removed and the interior is painted, carpeted and padded from front to back

An onboard generator powers 2-3 AC/heater units to create a comfortable environment in any season

The surround sound audio accentuates the high energy atmosphere, we even have our own FUN BUS music!

The Fun Bus comes equipped with padded mats, swings, rings, climbing shapes, a parallel bar, a slide and much more to produce an atmosphere that is both child friendly and FUN!


What Does a Fun Bus Do?

The Fun Bus provides structured and supervised fitness activities for children aged 18 months to seven years designed to capture their imagination and excitement through movement, music and having FUN!

Two “certified” Fun Bus instructors lead up to 15 children at once through a 30-minute “class” of fitness fun (the bus never moves with children onboard)

A typical week entails scheduled visits Monday – Friday to daycares and preschools where the Fun Bus acts as the daycare/preschool’s outsourced fitness extra curricular program

Saturdays and Sundays are available to do a variety of special events ranging from birthday parties to corporate picnics to family reunions and everything in between

The Fun Bus is an asset that can be utilized 7-days a week and year round!


Fun Bus Franchise

Fun Bus began in 2001 and was formed by two entrepreneurial women who were former daycare owners, one a teacher and the other a business lady.

The concept was franchised in 2003 and has grown steadily from two franchises in 2003 to 35 currently. In that period two Master Franchisees have been added – one for the state of Colorado and one for the state of Georgia.

Owners have the option to run single units in their territory, or add another unit(bus), grow into another area, and own or operate, or own and manage.(we have currently have a variety of all models!)

With a solid base of successful franchisees and a system that is still growing in current economic times, Fun Bus Fitness FUN on Wheels ® has positioned itself for accelerated growth since franchising in 2003.


Industry & Opportunity

Today’s Youth

Child and Adolescent obesity and Type II Diabetes are on the rise due, in part, to a more sedentary lifestyle of today’s youth fostered by technology – internet, cable/satellite TV, video games, cell phones, text messaging, etc.

There is NOT a piece of media that does not support this

Working Parents/Single Parent Households

Gone are the days when the typical household can be described as Dad at work and Mom at home with the kids. Economic necessities and social changes in the accepted norms have led to a tremendous need for child care outside the home

To meet this need, daycare facilities have been and are continuing to experience rapid expansion

Positioned Perfectly

A growing need (childhood inactivity and its consequences) coupled with a growing customer base (daycares/preschools) has created an ideal intersection of need and opportunity that the Fun Bus is positioned perfectly to satisfy

Their will ALWAYS be customers(children and daycares alike)

Sophisticated Customer / Unsophisticated Competition

The typical large franchised daycares that dominate some of the landscape have start-up costs in the million to multi-million dollar range

These are sophisticated business people with a significant investment at stake both in terms of dollars and in reputation with their customers yet the typical service provider to these daycares are often mom-n-pop style entrepreneurs – the music lady, the clown guy, etc.

The Fun Bus is the only franchise in the children’s mobile fitness business
Additional Opportunity: Children’s Entertainment

No business is recession proof but the children’s entertainment industry is certainly recession resistant. History has shown that a parents desire and willingness to spend money on their children endures even through economic hardship

Significant multiple revenue streams can be generated through birthday parties, camps, religious organizations, civic events, corporate picnics, etc.

The mobility offered by the Fun Bus affords a franchisee an unlimited number of potential customers outside of the traditional daycare/preschool core group

Because of the ability to work as much or as little as one wants, we tap into multiple revenue streams, allowing a franchisee to be in control of their income goals


Fun Bus – The Business

Quality of Life

Home Office:

Most Fun Bus franchisees operate the business from a home based office which eliminates the commute and increases time with the family

Flexible Schedule:

This is not a retail business that requires set day-to-day hours of operation, you set your own schedule, time off, etc.

The Fun Bus can be operated to accommodate virtually any owners schedule and goals


Unlike many other business opportunities, this is not a business that takes months of preparation before revenue can be generated

Within sixty to ninety days, the franchisor sources, provides and delivers a completely refurbished Fun Bus (both inside and out) complete with all the necessary equipment to start servicing your customers right from the start

Financial Model

Extremely low overhead

Small number of employees needed (only 2 needed to operate a bus at a time)

Minimal inventory to purchase

Low monthly expenses to operate

Ready Cash Flow

The majority of customers pay prior to services rendered which provides ample cash flow, limited receivables and little chance for bad debt

Scalable Business

There is no limit or additional franchise fee required to expand to multiple buses within the purchased territory

Sales and Marketing

Established Local Brand Recognition

The Fun Bus has established itself as the premier mobile fitness program within many of the major area daycare chains

The brand’s strength and reputation can be leveraged across these chains to make the sales process immeasurably easier and more successful

Blueprint for Success

Fun Bus provides a proven step-by-step sales and marketing plan to take the guesswork and fear out of customer acquisition

A complete customer list of all daycares & preschools is provided

Hands-on Training for owning and operating a business is adequately provided and supported

Repeat business

System-wide, the franchise has proven that once a school has the Fun Bus they keep the Fun Bus; this is NOT a business that requires constant acquisition of new customers

Ideal Fun Bus Candidates

Fun Bus is interested in adding business oriented individuals who want to manage, sell and market their business and who have the following qualities or goals:

Net worth of greater than $100,000

Desire to grow into a multi-bus territory and make a six figure income

Willingness to go into marketplace and sell their product, B2B

Strong interpersonal skills

Candidates do NOT need the following to succeed:

Skills or desire to drive a bus; no CDL needed

Any background in children’s fitness or fitness generally

Love for interacting and working with children

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $85500
Minimum Investment: $32500
Minimum Net Worth: $100000
Franchise Fee: $32500
Average # of Employees: 2

Franchise Sales

Single Unit: Yes
Multiple Units: Yes
Area/Master Developer: Yes
Resales: Yes


Year Established: 2001
Year First Franchised: 2003
Franchised Units: 10-50
Actual number of units: 32

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes

1 week in New Jersey. Covers marketing, sales, management, operations, accounting, field training on the bus, and one day at bus driving school. Ongoing support includes teleconferences calls, e-mail updates, and marketing materials.

International Expansion

International Expansion Opportunities: Yes
Developing outside of the U.S.: Inquire with Corporate
Single Unit Availability Outside U.S.: No
Multiple Unit Availability Outside U.S.: No
Area Development or Master Avail.: Yes
Cash Investment: N/A
Total Investment: N/A




Educational Outfitters is the very first franchise opportunity in the highly lucrative school uniform and school apparel field. Educational Outfitters has a solid core business but with many other revenue streams, such as, Team and Cheer uniforms, Embroidery, Corporate Wear, Screen Printing, and Promotional Products. Educational Outfitters franchise is like buying three franchises in one, we even offer a Co-Brand called CustomLogo Outfitters that is used to help obtain the Corporate business and EOAthletics which is focused on Team and Cheer Uniforms. The Demand for School Uniforms & Apparel, Embroidery and Corporate Wear is a huge, growing and largely untapped market. Although, demand is increasing there are few retail stores available to meet the need. With Educational Outfitters/CustomLogo Outfitters you can draw upon our experience, preferred pricing programs, support and systems to create a great Business.

EDUCATIONAL OUTFITTERS is the first and only franchise opportunity offering retail stores selling school uniforms and dress code apparel. The home office is located in Chattanooga, TN and was started by a stay-at-home Mom, Jamey Elrod, in 1998. Started franchising in 2001 along with her husband Brian. EO currently has 37 franchisees. The validation is pristine and the franchisor is very hands on with support and training.

EDUCATIONAL OUTFITTERS has a division called CustomLogo Outfitters. This is the B2B side of the franchise modelthat generates year-round revenue sources through on-site embroidery, promotional products, alterations, corporate wear, screen printing andtuxedo rentals. It’s like getting two franchises for the price of one. Territories are based on the overall population, number of private schools, and the local competition. We will do a market analysis. The size of the protected territories are super-sized and usually award one owner per market.

Franchise Candidate Profile

People skills are critical, entrepreneurial spirit, community minded andenjoys giving back to the community. Sales background is helpful. Also, someone that wants to build a large business and be the market leader.

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $75000
Minimum Investment: $75000
Minimum Net Worth: $300000
Franchise Fee: $29500
Average # of Employees: 5-10

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-operative Advertising: Yes


Year Established: 1998
Year First Franchised: 2001
Franchised Units: 10-50
Actual number of units: 37
Company Owned Units: N/A


College Nannies and Tutors

College Nannies and Tutors Franchise Overview

At College Nannies and Tutors, we build stronger families by providing role models as nannies, babysitters and tutors.

The College Nannies and Tutors business model is a retail-based staffing business selling hours. Our unique niche is providing role models to busy families.

We provide two types of role models to families:

1. Role Models as nannies and babysitters providing care exclusively in the customer’s home. Here our focus is on families with children age 0 to 16.

2. Role Models as one-on-one tutors providing tutoring at our learning centers, and occasionally in the customer’s home. Here our focus is on students ages 12 to 18.

By offering both childcare and tutoring services, franchisees eliminate the seasonality associated with these industries, provide excellent cross sales opportunities and take advantage of long lifetime value of customers leading to a stronger return on investment.

Candidates should possess desire and and ability to grow $1MM units (like top CNT franchisees).  Strong sales/marketing/networking skills — people management aptitude a plus.

College Nannies and Tutors has the following Key Benefits:
• Multi-unit potential
• Recession resistant
• Repeat customers
• A cash-based business with no receivables
• A proven, manager-assisted business
• 10-year track record of growth and franchise support
• Feel good about what you do!

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $35000
Minimum Investment: $152200
Minimum Net Worth: $400000
Franchise Fee: $35000


  • Vet Fran

Average # of Employees: 30
Passive Ownership Allowed: No
Earnings Claims: Yes

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: 3rd Party
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-operative Advertising: Yes

Training Support:
Once a franchise has been awarded, pre-training will take place via conference calls and weekly assignments. Pre-training will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks and is approximately 120 hours.  Site selection and prescriptive build out insights for learning center is provided.

Upon completing pre-training, franchisees  will spend  1 week in our Minneapolis training facility learning the necessary systems, processes, technology, sales, marketing and management methods necessary to operate their franchise. This intense, all-inclusive program will give them the comfort level and confidence necessary to open their location.  Weekly franchisee calls, monthly training calls, ongoing advice, consultation, conventions and ongoing training programs are part of the culture at College Nannies and Tutors

Franchise Sales

Single Unit: Yes
Multiple Units: Yes
Area/Master Developer: No


Year Established: 2001
Year First Franchised: 2005
Franchised Units: 50-100
Actual number of units: 43 Owners / 74 territories
Company Owned Units: 2

Chyten Educational Services

Chyten Educational Services Franchise Overview

Private tutoring is a rapidly growing industry.  The Chyten opportunity gives you a chance to address the growing need for private tutoring and work with serious, quality minded education professionals.  It is also a chance to join a highly respected profession that allows you to be involved in and give back to your community.  Prospective franchise owners do not need to have a background in education. Business experience in sales, marketing or management, together with a sincere desire to help students, is the perfect foundation for successful franchise partnership with Chyten.


We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to reach his or her highest performance level and the inspiration to surpass it. As a company of educators, we know how to drive student performance to the pinnacle of success. And, we develop strategies and skill-building lessons to get there!
With our commitment to making a positive impact on students’ lives, Chyten Test Preparation and Tutoring has been dedicated to providing students with test preparation skills and specialized tutoring for over 20 years. At Chyten, your child will be mentored by a wonderful, caring tutor who wants nothing more than to be a turning point, a positive role model in your child’s life. We are so confident in our ability to match your child
to a great tutor, that if you disagree, you don’t have to pay! (See details)

Chyten Test Preparation and Tutoring specialized programs include:
• General assistance with reading, writing, math, and many other subjects
• Homework help and study skills to improve study efficiency and grades
• Year-round test preparation classes and tutoring

Educational Excellence.
It is more than a catch phrase. It is a commitment that distinguishes Chyten from the rest.

Chyten: Taking students’ individual needs and customizing unique programs around those needs. We work closely with students and their families to assess past performance in order to build customized programs that help students reach and exceed their goals.
Chyten Test Preparation and Tutoring provides educational support to help children reach their academic goals not just in the form of better grades or better test scores, but also in increased self-confidence and improved learning experiences.

Customized Tutor – StudentMatching…

At Chyten, we select tutors to match the individual learning styles of our students. Tell us about your child’s unique learning style and we will make
every effort to find his or her perfect tutor.

Chyten’s Centers offer the perfect atmosphere for private tutoring and small group classes. Our comfortable tutoring rooms and well-equipped
classrooms allow students to focus on important lessons, strategies and skill-building exercises, with none of the distractions of in-home tutoring.
Furthermore, Chyten’s center-based model allows us to attract and retain the best tutors in the industry.

We only employ tutors with a minimum of a master’s degree and prior teaching experience. We provide exclusive, customized programs designed around our own skills-based strategies and techniques. But more important, we get results: our students get better grades and higher scores on standardized tests than those who learn on their own or through other programs.

Chyten designs amazing strategies for tests, that is true. But we don’t stop there. Chyten designs strategies that last an academic lifetime. From
taking better notes, to creating exam study sheets, to teaching more effective reading, Chyten will have an impact on your child that will continue

We will match your child with an excellent, highly qualified tutor whose unique teaching style matches your child’s individual learning style. If you don’t agree, let us know immediately and we will refund the cost of the session, up to one full hour. If you elect to give us a second chance, we’ll extend the offer to the second tutor as well!
(See details below)
Details: Chyten reserves the right to not offer a second tutor if it feels it cannot satisfy a client’s demands. Refund is limited to one hour per tutor.
A request for a refund must be made before a second session occurs. A refund cannot be applied retroactively after two or more sessions with a
tutor have occurred.

You will receive personalized progress reports after each and every session through our ParentNETTM system. In addition, you can check your
child’s homework, schedule,  important dates and more. You can also contact your tutor directly!

Highly Effective Classes
Chyten not only offers great tutoring but also highly effective classes. In fact, Chyten’s Test Preparation Classes are among the best in the industry.

Our classroom teachers meet the same high standards as our tutors. All have master’s degrees, teaching experience and exceptional pedagogical skills. Chyten accepts only the most gifted individuals, then trains them to become Chyten teachers.

Our strategies are nationally heralded and unsurpassed in raising scores. But Chyten’s strategies are only the beginning. Chyten’s classes help students overcome psychological and physiological barriers to test success as well.

Chyten invented the PSAT Bootcamps and SAT Bootcamps and though many have copied the idea, no other program comes close to the
effectiveness of the original. Chyten also offers refresher courses, extended format classes and welcomes partnerships with school systems to offer its programs in schools at dramatically reduced rates.

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $75000
Minimum Investment: $113000
Minimum Net Worth: $250000
Franchise Fee: $37500


  • Vet Fran
  • Minorities
  • Women

Average # of Employees: 1-2 Full Time / 7-8 Part Time
Passive Ownership Allowed: Yes

Franchise Sales

Single Unit: Yes
Multiple Units: Yes
Area/Master Developer: Yes


Year Established: 1999
Year First Franchised: 2007
Franchised Units: 10-50
Actual number of units: 38
Company Owned Units: 3

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes


International Expansion

International Expansion Opportunities: Yes
Developing outside of the U.S.: Inquire with Corporate
Single Unit Availability Outside U.S.: No
Multiple Unit Availability Outside U.S.: Yes
Area Development or Master Avail.: Yes
Cash Investment: Varies Minimum of $300k
Total Investment: Inquire with Corporate

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise Overview

Bricks 4 Kidz provides project-based programs designed to teach principles and methods of engineering to children, ages 3-13+, using LEGO® bricks through after-school programs, in-school field trips, camps and birthday parties.

Bricks 4 Kidz®Home/Mobile Based Franchise Model

Low cost

Fast ramp up

Low overhead

No national competition

Easy model to teach to a franchisee

High profit margins

Classes, camps, birthday parties affordable by nearly everyone

Recession proof –parents will spend money on education in spite of the economy

Compelling Business Model

Kids love Bricks 4 Kidz®

Parents love Bricks 4 Kidz®

Teachers love Bricks 4 Kidz®

Schools love Bricks 4 Kidz®

Home Based/Mobile Model
After‐School Classes
Birthday Parties
In School Field Trips
Preschool Classes
Home School Classes

Bricks 4 Kidz® Customers









The Bricks Franchise includes:

Initial supply of project kits

Initial supply of Duplos®

Initial supply of marketing materials

4 days training in St. Augustine

1 day on‐site training including initial mailing to prospects

Access to Franchise Management Tool (FMT)

Territory analysis

Bricks 4 Kidz curriculum for pre‐school, elementary and middle school

Creativity Center Model

Birthday Parties


Field Trips:

Parents Night Out

After‐school/evening classes

Investment: approximately $100k

Market Niche

After‐School Enrichment Programs ‐ There are approximately 130,000 elementary and middle schools in the U.S. These schools accommodate more than 44+ million students. In addition there are nearly 100,000 preschools in the country with over 5 million students.

Birthday Party Market – a $10 billion industry

Summer Camp Market – a multi‐billion dollar industry

Edutainment Industry – a multi‐billion industry

With school cutbacks throughout the country, there is growing interest in after‐school enrichment programs especially STEM programs ‐ Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Science in particular has receive extensive cutbacks, and Bricks 4 Kidz® is helping to fill that niche.

Competitors Using LEGOS®

PLAYWELL – in business for 12 years. 2 “Activity Centers.” After‐school classes in 5 states –very limited number of classes. They hold summer camps in 8 states. Strong presence in CA.

GREEN APPLES – summer camp program in several states using LEGOS®

Renaissance Tots, Children’s Technology Workshop and Computer Explorers (offers a few LEGO® classes as part of their model)

Several mom and pops in a handful of states doing summer camps and after‐school programs. No brick and mortar locations.

Competitors Not Using LEGOS®
Monkey Joe’s, Chucky Cheese, Bounce Houses, Amusement Parks, Various Children’s Franchise, Local Magicians, Clowns, Novelty Birthday Party Providers.
Mad Science, Young Rembrandts, Kidz Art, Drama Kids, Karate, Dance, Music Lessons, Tutoring Franchise.
Traditional Camps including Day Camps, Community Centers, Sports Camps, Vacation Bible School.

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $31900
Minimum Investment: $31900
Minimum Net Worth: $0
Franchise Fee: $24000
Average # of Employees: 1-2
Passive Ownership Allowed: Yes


Year Established: 2008
Year First Franchised: 2009
Franchised Units: 50-100
Actual number of units: 51
Company Owned Units: 1

Franchise Sales

Single Unit: Yes
Multiple Units: Yes
Area/Master Developer: No

International Expansion

International Expansion Opportunities: Yes
Developing outside of the U.S.: Yes, Inquire with Corporate
Single Unit Availability Outside U.S.: Yes
Multiple Unit Availability Outside U.S.: Yes
Area Development or Master Avail.: Yes
Cash Investment: Inquire with Corporate
Total Investment: Inquire with Corporate


International Opportunities: Yes
Countries, outside of United States, where the concept is currently available or plans to expand: All countries
Single Unit Availability: Only in Mexico
Multiple Unit Availability: Only in Mexico
Area Development or Master Availability: Master License
Cash Investment:  Depends on population and demographics of the country.
Total Investment: Inquire with Corporate

All Star Driver Education2

All Star Driver Education

All Star Driver Education Overview

ALL STAR DRIVER EDUCATION, Head Quartered in Ann Arbor, MI, has developed a unique driver’s education program dedicated to providing comprehensive road safety knowledge and critical thinking skills for our students. By using innovative teaching styles and hands on experiences  withour students we are able to provide the highest quality and cost effective driver’s education program in the industry. All Star Driver Education is committed to educating students by making their driver education experience exciting and enjoyable! We introduce innovative teaching techniques through the creation of our proprietary curriculum and video series, making learning fun, enjoyable, and interactive for our students!

The estimated $350 Million a year Drivers Education industry is one of the last industries that is still controlled by independent operators, not national brands. At All Star Driver Education we are the pioneers in the driver’s education business and have developed a unique program that will allow franchisees the ability to successfully compete and capture market share away from independent operators and ultimately carve out a successful niche in the market place!

Business Characteristics:
• Keep security of full-time job
• Semi-absentee run business model
• Hire a manager to run the day-to-day operations
• Investment level below 200K
• Consolidating industry
• Home based business
• Few employees
• Built-in demand
• Educational franchise

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $83700
Minimum Investment: $83700
Minimum Net Worth: $300000
Franchise Fee: $30000
Average # of Employees: 5-10
Passive Ownership Allowed: Yes
Earnings Claims: Yes

Franchise Sales

Single Unit: Yes
Multiple Units: Yes
Area/Master Developer: No


Year Established: 1997
Year First Franchised: 2007
Franchised Units: 10-50
Actual number of units: 30
Company Owned Units: 30

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-operative Advertising: Yes

All Star Driver Education provides all of our franchise partners a comprehensive training program at our corporate office.  This program includes a mix of classroom and live, hands-on training.
In addition to a franchisees own training, they will also send someone through our Pre Opening Procedures program, which will prepare them to train their staff, and understand as well as learn all what makes corporate successful, so that when they return to their area of operation, so they will be equally or more successful than corporate!
During a franchisees grand opening, they will have a member of All Star Driver Education senior support staff available to help smooth out any wrinkles and answer questions as they arise. We believe our franchisees comfort as an owner/operator has a direct impact on their success, and we want to make sure that they are successful even before their first day of opening the doors for their Grand Opening.
Following their Grand Opening, our franchisees will continue to have access to members of corporate support team for any other questions they may have. We want to be available to all of our franchisees, because when they are successful, we all are successful!


Adventure Kids Playcare

Adventure Kids Playcare Franchise Overview

Adventure Kids Playcare is a unique drop-in child care and entertainment center for kids ages 6 wks – 12 years old.  Kids can explore, play and learn while in a safe and secure environment.  Parents can enjoy shopping, dining, running errands, or relaxing with peace of mind.  Open until midnight on Friday and Saturday night.  Private birthday parties on Sundays.  We specialize in Guilt-free childcare!  We are looking for candidates who enjoy a hand on owner operated business that focuses on providing a positive environment for children and parents!

Changing Family Dynamic

65% of mothers with children six years of age and under are in the labor force.

More than 70% of single mothers have jobs outside the home.

By 2011, it is expected that more than 85% of the labor force will consist of parents. The number of working women will exceed working men.

61% of children in the United States from birth through age six spent time in non- parental child care, 36% of those in center- based programs.

Growing Demand

Child daycare industry
projected 34% growth,
compared with 11%
growth for all other
industries combined
Bureau of Labor Statistics
•Families are more likely to move where the jobs are, and therefore, are less likely to have relatives living nearby that can help with child care

Parents are telecommuting and need time.

Parents work different hours. We fill that overlap

Today’s grandparents live longer, healthier lives

Kids are no longer as available to babysit

The Solution

•We are a unique drop-in child care and entertainment center for kids ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.
•Kids can play, explore, and learn while in our safe and secure environment.
• Parents can enjoy shopping, dining, running errands, or just relax with peace of mind!
•We are open until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.

So Many Things to Do

Story time

Infant Nursery

Movie Theatre

Large Playscape

Playhouse Area

Air Hockey Table

Staff-led Group Activities

Theme Nights

Arts and Crafts

Karaoke Stage

Computer Games

PlayStation 2, X Box, and

Separate Toddler Area
• Toys, Toys, and More Toys
And Much More!


One non-emergency
entrance only to be
opened by staff

Parents only are allowed
to pick up and drop off
children unless prior
arrangements have been

Photo IDs will be utilized
when picking up children

Video surveillance
equipment on site

Clean Environment

Sanitization twice a

Thorough cleaning

Socks must be worn
by children and staff


Onsite childcare for events such as
weddings, church or corporate
events (set-up and hourly fees

Playcare-To-Go benefits the event
planner by increasing parent

The PTG events also help market
Adventure Kids services to parents

Our PTG service provides
experienced staff that are screened,
background checked, CPR/first aid
certified and trained in child

10 days corporate training prior to opening:

40 hours on-site

Comprehensive training includes:

Floor staff training

Food preparation


How to hire and manage staff

CPR/First Aid certification

Front office

Customer service

Back office

Purchasing inventory

POS software training


24/7 phone, e-mail and technical

On-site assistance one week
prior to opening, and for two
weeks after opening

Monthly calendar of activities
provided with instructions and
inventory lists

Mother’s-Day-Out program with

Camp curriculum provided for
winter break, spring break, and

Proactive marketing
support with marketing
plans and print ads

Materials for employee
continuing education

Staff training in DVD

Proprietary POS software
and database
management system

Intranet system for use in
employee and document

Marketing Materials

All materials kept online for

Customized materials
specific to your market

Partnership with Staples for
easy printing

Ideal Owner

We want a full time/hands-on leader at the helm.

A leader with management experience willing to create a team

Sales and Marketing Strengths

Comfortable with technology

Willing to follow and implement a system

Financial Requirement

Minimum 670 Credit Score

You must have minimum liquid funds available to invest of $30,000*

Our Goal is Your Success

Location assistance

Finding a space
•Negotiating the lease

Finding a contractor

Extensive training
covers all company
materials and systems

Assistance with State

Grand Opening event


Press releases

VIP party

Main event

The Full Story

Freedom and flexibility

You are involved in the community

Complete training and support programs

Time-Tested Systems and Licensing Compliance

Peer interaction

National Buying Power/National Accounts

What is AKP About?

Fun, creative and unique

Satisfaction you are making a needed service in the community

Huge demand for service

Making a difference with staff

High income potential, lifestyle flexibility

Recession-resistant model

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $75000
Minimum Investment: $228500
Minimum Net Worth: $500000
Franchise Fee: $29500
Average # of Employees: 18-25
Passive Ownership Allowed: No
Earnings Claims: Yes

Franchise Sales

Single Unit: Yes
Multiple Units: Yes
Area/Master Developer: Yes


Year Established: 2004
Year First Franchised: 2006
Franchised Units: 10-50
Actual number of units: 12
Company Owned Units: 3

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-operative Advertising: Yes

2 week training program at corporate location, 5 day onsite training, phone support, Continuing Education training webinars, Franchisee Intranet


Abrakadoodle® Remarkable Art Education Program

Abrakadoodle® Remarkable Art Education Program

Abrakadoodle is the nation’s largest mobile arts education program that offers art classes, camps, school-based programs and special art events for children ages two through twelve. Art education programs are provided at schools, community centers and other convenient community locations.
The Abrakadoodle art franchise can be managed from a home office.

Abrakadoodle Receives Widespread Recognition!
 Crystal Compass Award, 2012, International Franchise Association
 Successful Home-Based Business, 2011 Black Enterprise Magazine
 Big Innovation Contest, 2011 Wall Street Journal
 America’s Fastest Growing Companies, 2011 INC Magazine’s Annual 500/5000
 Fine Art of Franchising, Value Added, 2011 Washington Post
 Top Franchises, Franchise 500, 2011 Entrepreneur Magazine
 Winner of Nine Parent’s Picks Awards, 2011 Nickelodeon’s Go City Kids
 Top 100 Home-Based Franchises, 2010 Entrepreneur Magazine
 Fast 55, Fastest Growing Franchises, 2010 Franchise Times

Children’s Education Is A Strong And Growing Industry:
 Today there are more than 73 million children under the age of 18 in the U.S.
 Due to budget cuts, schools are reducing or eliminating arts education programs
 Parents recognize the value of arts education and seek out programs for their children
 Schools and early childhood education centers are looking for competitive advantages
 Creativity is one of the most important skills needed for success in both school and the workplace

Abrakadoodle Franchise Owners:
 Manage their business from a home office
 Hire and train a team of teachers
 Concentrate on building the business through relationships with schools and community based sites where Abrakadoodle classes, camps, parties and special events will be offered
 Have access to an experienced group of support and training professionals dedicated to their success

The Abrakadoodle Advantage:
 The Abrakadoodle Business Development training and on-going business support program
 Robust technology systems that track customers, classes, revenues and provide 24/7 online registration
 A proven marketing program that helps you to attract and keep customers
 A multiple revenue business model that offers programming through art classes, camps, special events and out-sourced education services
 An educator-backed curriculum that exceeds the National Standards for visual arts education
 The experience of a skilled management team
 The ability to work with a forward-thinking creative organization

Financial / Terms

Cash Investment: $45992
Minimum Investment: $35842
Minimum Net Worth: $100000
Franchise Fee: $36900
Average # of Employees: 2-10
Passive Ownership Allowed: No
Earnings Claims: Yes


Year Established: 2002
Year First Franchised: 2004
Franchised Units: 50-100
Actual number of units: 72
Company Owned Units: 2

International Expansion

International Expansion Opportunities: Yes
Single Unit Availability Outside U.S.: Yes
Multiple Unit Availability Outside U.S.: No
Area Development or Master Avail.: No


Master franchise opportunities available.

Abrakadoodle’s robust training program begins as soon as an agreement is received with the Quick Start Pre-Training program.  Franchise Owners work with a training and support professional to complete business set up tasks.  Owners attend one week Business Development training at the corporate headquarters in Reston, VA.  Every aspect of the Abrakadoodle Business is explored.  Educational Theory, Curriculum, Business Development, Franchise Ramp Up, Materials, Marketing, Networking, Staffing, Teacher Training and Branding.